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Download the Speedy PC free computer scan and speed up your computer. The free software will search your computer for problems and identify solutions to speed up performance. Once the free computer scan is complete, the software will clean, repair, and optimizes your computer to improve speed and performance.

Most people do not start thinking of maintaining their computers until their computer becomes slower and they experience a significant reduction in speed. Normal daily use, installing and uninstalling software, browsing the Internet, and playing media files are common causes of a slow PC. The Speedy PC free scan will clean your computer, repair errors and optimize the speed of your computer.

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NB: The free computer scan will search your PC for problems, then repair them for you to improve performance.

Free Computer Scan
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Free Computer Scan

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Boost Performance and Speed Up Your Computer

The Speedy PC Download offers a comprehensive suite of productivity tools for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The software will scan your computer for issues that are limiting the speed of your system, then fix the problems for you. The software includes a great range of features and is recognized as the industry leader in PC optimization solutions:

  • Repairs ALL Registry Errors. The Speedy PC software scans the Windows registry for problems and automatically repairs them. No matter what computer system you're using, it's guaranteed to fix all your Windows registry errors.

  • Fast Registry Repair. Speedy PC uses advanced algorithm technology to quickly repair problems with your registry in just a few minutes.

  • Restore and Backup. With restore and backup features creates restore points so you can roll-back your changes at any time. This provides added protection for your computer and the peace of mind knowing that any changes you make can be undone.

  • A Brand You Can Trust. Speedy PC is produced by Pareto Logic, one of the leading manufacturers of PC productivity software and over 20 million satisfied customers.

  • Reduces System Crashes. With continued use, all computers suffer the effects of a corrupt and ineffective Windows Registry, causing error messages to appear, slow loading, and system crashes. Now you can fix these problems to restore system perfomance.

  • Speeds Up Your PC. A clean and well structured registry ensures that your PC will startup faster, use less resources and operate at faster speeds.

  • Improved PC Reliability. Along with improved performance and speed, Registry Mecahnic improves the reliability of your PC by fixing broken drivers, application errors and incomplete and corrupt registry files.

  • Simple To Use Interface. Speedy PC uses an intuitive interface that is simple to navigate for users of all skill levels. Advanced features allow exprienced users to customize the tools and settings of the software.
  • Award-Winning Software. The world's leading PC publications have awarded PC Tools Speedy PC the highest honours including best registry repair software and best PC optimizer.
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Speedy PC

NEW! Free Comptuter Scan. Start your computer scan by downloading on the free computer scan, save the software to your computer, and run the software installation.

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How Do I Speed Up My Computer?

The easiest way to speed up your computer is to use optimization software such as Speedy PC. The software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Download it now, you won't be disappointed!

  • Free Computer Scan. The advanced scanning technology of Speedy PC will quickly identify and repair errors and problems affecting the speed of your computer.

  • Unlimited Product Updates. The Speedy PC software will automatically download product upgrades to ensure that you have the latest software version in the future.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. With a 30 day satisfaction guarantee you can rest assured it's a great PC optimization tool. There's no risk, try it for free today!

Free Speedy PC Download

Free Speedy PC Download - The Best Computer Optimization Tool

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  "My computer is as fast as the day I bought it."
  Damien Pachter
South Carolina, USA 
  "It's so easy to use. I recommend it to my friends, they use it too now."
  Sophie Kesselaar
New York, USA 
  "I love the PC tune up feature that allows me to keep my computer running as fast as possible."
  Andrew Gough
Chicago, USA 
  Speedy PC comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is the best performance software and is guaranteed to fix computer errors, improve computer speed and boost performance.
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